Yard Management System

Yard Management System

4MIT has developed as we call it a “State of the Yard” management system. Using the latest technologies it allows companies to have real-time visibility on all aspects of the daily yard operations, resulting in increased efficiency and improved on time management for all yard assets.

Yard Management

  • Visual real-time overview to monitor and control all Yard activities
  • Instructs shunters wirelessly, using in-cab tablets, to position trailers
  • Instructs staff at the gate wirelessly, using hand-held devices, where driver is to place unit upon arrival


  • Receive reposition movement orders via tablet in shunter vehicle
  • Shunter driver confirms piece on board and movement completion
  • Shunter driver and despatcher can send and receive additional messages
  • Yard Manager updated in real-time on all shunter activities

Dock scheduling

  • Enables trailers to be assigned to the right door the first time
  • Maximise door utilisation by slot optimisation
  • Reduce driver waiting time

Gate Management

  • Expected arrivals and departures, including resources, received from your TMS
  • Confirmation of arrival and departure by scanning vehicles, drivers and seals
  • Inform driver of allocated docking door or parking bay

Warehouse management

  • Record unloading and loading activities using hand-held devices
  • Register sealing of the trailer
  • Record load quality on open/door door by capturing images


Innovative software solutions to smoothly interface to your existing systems where required

Single hub facts

Trailers per shift
Active shunters
Yard Managers

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